SELKIE MASKS         original designs for  drama, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Halloween, and masquerade


......a mask tells us more than a face.....Oscar Wilde


I thought I'd start a page for photos of people wearing masks, like the one on the Mardi Gras page. I hope you find them as intriguing as I do.  Notes on the photos are below the slide show.

Balinese Dragon Dance: Barong dancers, contemporary. This depicts the battle between the mythical characters Rangda, the witch representing evil, and Barong, the lion or dragon, representing good.   

Swan Lake:  The Mask Dance, 1989, The American Ballet Theatre, directed by Mikhail Baryshnikov

Tampa 1984:  from the St. Petersburg Times, the most wonderful feather mask ever!

Bourbon St. 1981:  View from a balcony on Bourbon St. at Mardi Gras

The Gypsy and the Corsican Brothers: David Good and David Hendrickson, along with Madame Octavia (okay, it's actually Connie Hendrickson), around 1982

Halloween Masks:  I got this one from eBay, mostly because the little girl in the center, in the gypsy costume, looks just like I did ( I always dressed up as a gypsy....still do!) ~1950's

Chula Vista 1954: Two gypsies, two hornets, and one impressive mustache...

Actor of the Chinese Opera:  the face paint takes the place of the mask here.

Japanese Street Seller with Masks:  Old albumen print

Devil Mask, Yellow Temple, Peking 1922 is written on the back of this photo.  This actually was taken in front of the doors of the Yellow Temple.

Masked Band of Musicians:  don't know what the heck they're doing but they're having a lot of fun doing it!  1940s or '50s?

Maskmaker, Mexico:  When I first saw this photo, I thought the masks were skulls....

Old Stereoscope Photograph:  I thought the juxtaposition of the ordinary and the frightening mask extraordinary.

Masquerade Party: This is an old "drugstore" photo, with deckled edges, from the 1930s. The handwriting on the back is Latvian.  It is my favorite of all the photos, slightly surreal....the hare, fox, goat, skier?

No Man's Land is written on the back of this photo.  It is another case of What the heck is going on here?!

Two Girls in Masks, Argentina, ready for Carnival, 1930s-40s?

Mrs. J. Gould, with Mask:  this is a postcard photo, with a 1cent stamp.  The handwritten note is Mrs. J. Gould of New York

Suki and Prince Zuko, 2011:  Suki is a Katana warrior whose fans are deadly weapons; Prince Zuko is a firebender (Katherine and Brian Hayden, Halloween 2011)

The Mama-San and Zorro:  the photo appears to be from the 1950s

Sophie Halloween 2009:  Sophie Claytor, dressed as a gondolier 

Which is Witch?:  sorry, couldn't resist the old joke...I'm not sure of the age of the photo but it could be anywhere from the '50s to '70s, I think.

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