SELKIE MASKS         original designs for  drama, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Halloween, and masquerade

CATS have an innate sense of style, are particularly fond of earrings, and they love to dress up for masquerades. However, don't underestimate cats; cats are ancient creatures, worshipped by the Egyptians and other cultures, and can be dark and mysterious.  Perhaps their philosophy is like that of the great Oscar Wilde, who said "Life is too important to be taken seriously."  The masked cats are my own invention; after many years of looking at and collecting masks, I've never seen a mask wearing a mask.

BIRDS, like cats, can be playful or dark and dangerous.  Some can be both.  For example, the Morrigan is a shapeshifter of Celtic origin, a raven who is also called the Carrion Crow.  She is associated with war and the battlefield.  The Jun-Ravens were the seven carriers of the sun across the sky.
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