SELKIE MASKS         original designs for  drama, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Halloween, and masquerade

......a mask tells us more than a face.....Oscar Wilde
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PRICES and such
Because each of the masks is one-of-a-kind,  inventory is varied.  Half masks range in price from $75 to $105, depending on ornamentation and type of gemstones used.  Full masks (including cats) range from $105 to $125,  If you see one you like, call or email (that's why I keep the sold items on the site, so that you can see the variety).  If I don't have it in stock, I can make it for you; it won't be a ringer for the one on the site, but who wants that anyway?  If you have your own idea for a mask, or you need a set for a play,  I can do that too.

Shipping costs are priority mail plus insurance.   We take PayPal, but I will also accept a check or money order. 
Pay for an item with PayPal:
1.  Enter your PayPal account.
2.  Hit the Send Money button.
3.  Enter
3.  Enter amount and choose US dollars.
4.  Enter MASKS in item box.
5.  Check Goods.
6.  Hit Continue.
7.  Check all the information and hit Send Money.

Your item will be on its way within 4-5 days!
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