SELKIE MASKS         original designs for  drama, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Halloween, and masquerade

......a mask tells us more than a face.....Oscar Wilde

Selkie Masks in New Orleans...on Vampire the Fleur de Lis festival
In the Washington Times  (Details at the bottom of this page)

WASHINGTON TIMES:  In his photos in the online newspaper, Jim Picht talks about Selkie Masks and other North Louisiana craftsmen.

NOW IN NEW ORLEANS  Selkie Masks are now available at Maskerade, 630 St. Ann, in New Orleans. When you leave the Cafe du Monde, walk past Jackson Square, cross Decatur and's about half a block past the cathedral.

AS SEEN ON THE VAMPIRE DIARIES  The Vampire Diaries bought over 100 masks from Maskerade for their Masquerade Ball episode on Oct. 28.  Naturally, not all of those showed up on the actual episode BUT here is a link to the promo stills;  one of my bird masks (El Flamenc: The Flamingo) sitting back at a table between the two main characters (actually it's on a person wearing the mask, sitting at the table).
Fleur de Lis FAIR:  Selkie Masks had a booth at the Fleur de Lis Craft Fair in Natchitoches, LA, on November 27, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Here are some photos from the show.
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